Customs brokers FreeWay Expedition Solutions Company to effectively carry out activities to represent the interests of our clients in customs and regulatory authorities. Professional brokers Companies carry registration permits and conclusions, prepare commercial and shipping documentation.

Basic customs clearance operations carried out by the broker FreeWay:

declaration of goods;

preparation of GTE and related documents;

providing the customs authorities with the necessary documents and additional information;

presentation of the declared goods.

According to Article 47 of the Customs Code of Ukraine, the admission of the enterprise to the customs declaration under a contract is carried out through the issuance of such an enterprise certificate of recognition of it as a declarant. The declaration must comply with the authorized person with the appropriate qualification certificate. That these are customs brokers FreeWay, with 10 years of professional experience, responsible for the payment of fees and accuracy of documents.

A nice beginning of fruitful cooperation with customs brokers FreeWay becomes for you professional advice on taxation of foreign trade operations.